So you want to make a designer purchase.

An investment piece.

I suggest this route 100%: buy a huge motherfucking Prada handbag when you just start modeling and you’re 16 years old. You still live with your parents and you have not a care in the world. As far as you’re concerned this is just the FIRST in your collection of designer bags. There probably won’t be a time in your life for another couple of decades when you can afford to be so reckless with your money and yet suffer such little consequences for your financial ignorance. Do so now.

Here’s a hint: pick a black one and keep it clean. You’re either going to have to sell it to make rent on your East Village studio apartment—hello Tokio 7 it’s been awhile—or you’re going to end up carrying into your 40’s before it gets snagged by your first born. Don’t be the mom that passes down the nylon studded ruched number.

That being said, I would kill to have one of those large Prada fairy bags from the Spring 2008 RTW collection right about now, but in 2007 I was scared to commit a couple thousand Euro to a bag I couldn’t be seen with 2 seasons later. Even if it would be a gorgeous collector piece in my later years, aka late 20s. 

Sadly, I myself, never had a Prada bag. I did have a pair of $1200.00 Pierre Hardy shoes once. They were florescent orange and black, after about 2 wears the heels did this weird wiggle thing when I walked and looked like they were going to collapse in on themselves. I never wore them again, but all for the best because they weren’t exactly timeless. Furthermore they made me look like the type of girl who’s life goal is a slutty toilet stall photoshoot on  Last Night’s Party. They now live in a closet at my parents house. In a clear plastic shoe case, one of many, but all the other shoe cases hold Nike trainers from Japan and Polaroid photos from around the world. Because guess what, having a closet full of fancy shoe boxes for fancy heels doesn’t guarantee a life of fancy heels, it just means that The Container Store got the best of you. 

Nowadays, I shlep my goods around in the same The Row bag I’ve been using for the last couple of years. The best $5000.00 of model trade I ever spent. The leather strap that keeps the backpack closed is totally shot, but structurally, the Olsen twins were on point. A lil family heirloom, and a lesson for my future daughters: Keep it black, and keep it clean.

Just like mommy’s $4000 Pomeranian.