Great new iPhone case | This #selfie took 8 hours.


itsensatuhoaminen asked:

I found your blog about a year ago, since then I've always thought you looked a bit like Vlada.


Thank you drunk person! 


Clones self to finish Japanese homework, still fails. Twice.

Do I even like you or do I just like the idea of you. Have I made you up? Or are you the closest thing/and possibly actually my perfect guy. 

06.07.12 Hamburg Germany, hotel bar. 

Got me open like Japanese 7/11. #MDLBRNBK

Tokyo Neighbourhood series, 2014.

ph. Cailin Hill

  • Me: Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Eva Green?
  • Teen Model: Wow! No, never. Wasn't she Hitler's lover....?
“You came close but you never made it…and if you were gonna make it, you would’ve made it before now.”
— modeling advice from Marcellus Wallace #PulpFiction


A-ha, flashback to the day Ford NY dropped my ass while I was wearing a Fantasia Halloween costume in the agency. #funtimes