Caitlin Lomax being Caitlin Lomax ❤️


Gene Tierney photographed by Horst P. Horst, 1941

…but would it EVER be an ‘only girl’ cover? #modelproblems

“I know the Japanese word for ‘urinary tract infection’…”
— Anonymous English model in Japan


serenasomerset asked:

Why did you choose to stay in japan? (Also you're the best)



Casting assistant’s terrifying cat-purse—apparently it’s from Korea. 

Two outtakes from my blog post for @Brand_Jennyfer that I just found on a completely unrelated roll of film. Check out the rest on xx

ph. amodels-husband

Last days of summer shared. 

Rachel MacKnight @imgmodels by Cailin Hill

my baby takes the morning train
Shinjuku Station

“…but I’m not 16 I’m 15!!!”
— Confused girl model, Tokyo. NO ONE CARES HOW OLD U ARE.
iPhone battery at 6%

iPhone battery at 6%