OMG I’m a writer. Looks hell dope @christina_dietze_ 🌓🌓🌓🌓 and thank u to my sis for the iPhone photo I can’t wait to see it in real liiiiiife!!!! #SRC783


This was supposed to be a very serious #selfie of me on my retired model terrace. But it was a video, and you should always just roll with it. #ohThisIsAVideo…

“You never really figure it out until you’re so beyond caring about finding the answer.”
— #modelburnbook

A Poem For My Love

I eat chocolate while I walk in circles in my kitchen / I warm sake juiceboxes in your microwave / and while it beeps I let my conscious mind slide back and forth between worlds / other minds / I walk around in the heads of women I have been / men I have been / men I have been beside / I Shazam your playlist while you sleep next to me / and I am thankful that you settled for this

“You know how some women can tell how much money a man has just by looking at him? I can always tell how expensive dogs are. It’s like this gift that I have.”
— #modelburnbook

Yulia Shumakova at Bravo Models Tokyo for #MODELBURNBOOK

ph. Cailin Hill


shirt Supreme, faux fur coat vintage.

ph. amodels-husband

Harajuku Station

shirt Supreme, undershirt Hanes, pants Aritzia, boots Acne, sunglasses Shakuhachi (via Nasty Gal) and bag 3.1 Philip Lim

ph: Yulia Shumakova

Spaghetti flavored Popsicle reaction.